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int ldb_ldif_write ( struct ldb_context *  ldb,
int(*)(void *, const char *,...) PRINTF_ATTRIBUTE fprintf_fn(2, 3)  ,
void *  private_data,
const struct ldb_ldif ldif 

Write an LDIF message

This function writes an LDIF message using a caller supplied write function.

ldb the ldb context (from ldb_init())
fprintf_fn a function pointer for the write function. This must take a private data pointer, followed by a format string, and then a variable argument list.
private_data pointer that will be provided back to the write function. This is useful for maintaining state or context.
ldif the message to write out
the total number of bytes written, or an error code as returned from the write function.
See also:
ldb_ldif_write_file for a more convenient way to write to a file stream.

ldb_ldif_read for the reader equivalent to this function.

Referenced by ldb_ldif_write_file().

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